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A german guy tries to be a developer and an entertainer at the same time. This podcast is about funny projects, personal failure, learning english and trying to understand a bit more day by day.

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    The magic logout button

    This episode is about a button I had to implement into a mobile app in the past. Its basic action was to logout the user. At that time we also had the requirement to logout the user automatically after some minutes. Unfortunately the app had some primary promoted sale features for offline use, which required to keep the user logged in somehow.

    Sounds crazy? It was! Just listen to me begging on my knees to change functionality, fighting with projectmanagers and the outcome of this story.

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    My one year failure

    Try to get a project live for 15 month and finally be happy about not releasing anything. This episode is about four versions of the same piece of software never seeing daylight.

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    Teaser - How is this working?

    A german guy who likes to talk in the completely new world of creating podcasts. This episode gives you quick insights about the whys and whens